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The Advanced Excelerator Course
TOTAL VALUE: $1,815 Your PRICE: $397.00

In the Advanced Excelerator Course you will master task automation with VBA macros. I break down all the coding language for you and make it easy to learn — and fun! You will also learn advanced pivot table and lookup techniques!

The Advanced Excelerator Course

Do you ever feel like...

  • Your stomach churns when you hear things like “This can be done with VBA” or “Can you set up a Macro for me?”

  • You waste time researching “How to in Excel” only to receive 54,763 Google Search Results, a 50% increase in blood pressure and still zero clarity on how to complete your task?

  • You wrote "Proficient in Excel" on your resume and forgot to add “only to a certain extent”

  • You are going to start saying “ctions” instead of “functions” because…well, they are NOT fun

  • How many productivity hacks does it take to reclaim your sanity with Excel?

  • Financial Modeling is great when you’re not the one who has to do it

Can You Imagine...