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Sheet Smarts (for Google Sheets)
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This course is perfect for all Google Sheets users. Sheet Smarts takes you from the basics through advanced techniques such as Pivot Tables, Query Functions & more!

Sheet Smarts (for Google Sheets)

Do you ever feel like...

  • You would be more marketable for a job or promotion if you were more efficient in Google Sheets?

  • You know exactly what you want your Google Sheet to look like and don’t know how to bring it to life?

  • You would be more confident at work or school if you were a Google Sheets wiz?

  • You waste time formatting each spreadsheet?

  • You are doing too many tasks manually in Google Sheets…there must be a better way to automate!

  • You would rather spend less time fumbling with spreadsheets & more time doing what you love?

Can You Imagine...