PowerPoint with crayon mark

Miss Excel

PowerPoint with Miss Excel
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This course is perfect for ALL PowerPoint users! Learn how to design captivating presentations from start to finish and master the powerful communication tools in PowerPoint -- the fun way!

PowerPoint with Miss Excel

Do you ever feel like...

  • You spend more time creating presentations than you actually spend presenting?

  • You have incredible ideas but they are troublesome to illustrate in your slideshows?

  • You’re at the Start line of a marathon when you open up PowerPoint and see “Slide 1 - Blank Slide”

  • You’re one great presentation away from securing that big deal or promotion and the thought of creating a slide deck makes you cringe?

  • The information is all there…but how do you transform your instruction manual into an attractive presentation that actually captures people’s attention?

  • You’ve made some great Points - but where’s the Power? Everyone fell asleep on slide 2…

Can You Imagine...