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Mini Course

Outlook Mini Course with Miss Excel
TOTAL VALUE: $999 Your PRICE: $149.00

Learn how to leverage all the mailing tools in Outlook to create impactful emails & effectively manage your calendar with the Outlook Mini Course!

Outlook Mini Course with Miss Excel

Do you ever feel like...

  • You waste time trying to find emails in your inbox?

  • Your inbox is so full that even Outlook gets mad at you?

  • You make the wrong impression by forgetting to respond to important emails or even missing them all together?

  • You would like to delete emails (but not permanently…in case you need them sometime later this century…just get them out-of-sight for now)

  • You would like your inbox to be automated - emails from my boss automatically go in that folder, messages from Cindy go to that folder…

Can You Imagine...