Repeatable, scaleable techniques taught in bite-sized pieces.

Find Out Which Course is Best For You

• The Excelerator Course is perfect for Beginner & Intermediate Excel users. By the end of the course, you will be confidently utilizing lookup functions, building powerful pivot tables and easily analyzing spreadsheets.

• If you are also looking to learn how to automate your world using Macros in VBA, then I would recommend The Ultimate Excel Bundle which includes the Excelerator Course, the Advanced Excelerator Course (VBA-focused) and the Dashboard Mini Course (teaching you how to create interactive dashboards in Excel)

Not to worry! We created these discounted bundles especially for you:

Complete Office Suite Bundle- It’s no surprise that the Complete Suite continues to be our best-selling product! This bundle is known for making people feel Complete (no pun intended…okay, maybe a little intended). In this bundle, you will find 8 courses that will completely transform your skillset with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Outlook & Teams. Are you ready to become the most marketable, skilled & promotable person in the office?

Microsoft Essentials Bundle - You know what they say…never leave home without the essentials! This power-packed bundle will give you all the tools, tricks & strategies to create spreadsheets that you’re proud of, captivating presentations, and professional-looking documents. This bundle comes with the Excelerator Course, PowerPoint and Word.

Other Office Apps Bundle - If you already have Excel covered, but you spend a lot of time in PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Outlook & Teams – then this bundle is for you!

Sheet Smarts for Google Sheets is perfect for all Google Sheets users! Sheet Smarts takes you from the basics to advanced techniques such as Pivot Tables, Query Functions & more! This program will give you all of the tips and tricks needed to create spreadsheets that you’re proud of…quickly!

• What if I want both!?! Have no fear…help with Google Sheets AND Excel is here! The Double Trouble bundle will help you master two of the most popular programs in the business/education world and equip you with all the tools needed to build accurate, beautiful spreadsheets in no time!

Miss Excel's Workplace Fundamentals is your perfect fit! This entertaining course is designed to teach students 12+ the most sought after technical skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Virtual Meetings, etc.) and soft skills (email etiquette, professionalism, interview skills, resume w ting, etc.) by top companies in the workplace. Jumpstart your career and get work-ready with this course!

• Looking to learn alongside the student in your life!? Hop into the learning journey together and hold each other accountable with the Family Style Bundle. This Bundle includes the Excelerator Course (for adults) and the Workplace FUNdamentals Course (for students 12+). It’s a family affair!